Straight From The Bottle

By Jameson’s Revenge

  1. A Short Song
  2. D.D’s Fancy
    The Fitzbernian
    Jameson’s Revenge
  3. The Flats Of Van Cortlandt
  4. The Back Of Beyond
  5. Hector The Hero
  6. Palm Sunday
    Tommy People’s
  7. Brazillian Wax
  8. My Dearest Dear
  9. The Blackthorn
    The Jolly Beggarman
    My Love Is In America
  10. Lonesome Robin
  11. Sippin’ Whiskey
  12. The Devil Takes You Dancing
  13. Walsh’s
    Dinny O’Brien’s
    The Plains Of Boyle
  14. Green Among The Gold
  15. Frieze Breeches
    Seanamhac Tube Station

Two comments

Jmeson’s Revenge-Straight From the Bottle

The first release from NYC’s newest Trad group. Born from a sesiun in the Bronx/Yonkers area this recording features some of NYC’s finest Trad/Irish musicians who’ve gathered every Sunday for some tunes over the past few years. So,e of the artists who have lent themselves to this recording include:
Chicago-born Isaac Alderson (3-time All-Ireland Champion on Flute, Uilleann Pipes, Tin Whistle), Bronx native Denis McCarthy (4-time All-Ireland Champion on the fiddle), James Riley (guitar,vocals and former member of the Eileen Ivers Band---currently living in his native Dublin), John Walsh (guitar, vocals ---currently touring with Paddy Keenan) as well as a host of other well established musicians from the NYC Irish music scene.
You can see what it’s all about at or at

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