Chasing The Bear

By John Hicks

Added by Washoo .
  1. Big John MacNeil
    Malibu Abu
  2. Wilds Of The World
  3. The Mouth Of The Tobique
  4. Em Jigs
  5. Harry Bradley’s
    Seamus McGuitar’s
  6. Sally Free And Easy
  7. Dale Russ’s
    The Coachman’s Whip
  8. The Battering Ram
    Dennis Of Galway
    Old Tipperary
  9. Maids Of Castelbar
    Broadcove Bride
    The Otter’s Holt
  10. Never Ever Tried
  11. Hornpipes
  12. Chasing The Bear

Two comments

A fine guitar. Track 9 is my favorite.

this is a heck of a record. Makes my fingers hurt.