Musical Delights From Ireland

By Comhaltas Tour Group 1998

Added by Kenny .

  1. The Leitrim Lilter
    Martin Wynne’s No.3
  2. Coyle’s Piano 1
    Coyle’s Piano 2
  3. An Speic Seogheach
    The Humours Of Ballyloughlin
  4. The Fisherman’s Lilt
    The Wedding
  5. The Woods Of Old Limerick
    The Nova Scotia
  6. The Lough Shore Emigrant’s Farewell
  7. The Street Player
    The Girls Of Farranfore
  8. My Former Wife
    Liz Carroll’s
  9. Jimmy Batty’s
    Paddy O’Brien’s
  10. Pat Kelly’s
    Shamrock Hill
  11. Si Beag,Si Mor
  12. The Bag Of Spuds
    The Flogging
  13. Paddy Fahy’s
    Paddy Fahy’s
  14. The Vales Of New Direen
  15. Gan Ainm
    The Flying Wheelchair
  16. Master Seamus
    The Cedars Of Lebanon
  17. Una Bhan
    Cailleach An Airgid

Eight comments

Comhaltas Tour CD 1998

Pity about the naff title, because there is some very fine music here, by some very fine players.

1 - Group
2 - Brian Fitzgerald [ banjo ]
3 - Aine Heneghan [ harp ]
4 - Ned Kelly [ 2-row accordion ]
5 - Group
6 - Michael O’Connor [ song ]
7 - Troy Bannon [ flute ]
8 - Liz Gaughan [ fiddle ]
9 - Brian Fitzgerald & Oisin MacDiarmada [ fiddle ]
10 - Liz Gaughan, Troy Bannon & Ned Kelly
11 - Group
12 - Oisin MacDiarmada
13 - Colm Regan [ accordion ]
14 - Alice Fizgerald [ song ]
15 - Daragh Murphy [ uilleann pipes ]
16 - Ernestine Healy [ concertina ]
17 - Caitriona Clohessy [ flute ]

Great stuff from all concerned.

I’m a big fan of Brian Fitzgerald’s playing and this CD has top class music on it. I’ll try and work through some of the untitled tunes later.

Tune Titles

Tk. 7 The second tune has numerous titles. I know it as The Rabbit’s Burrow but it’s also called Paddy Gavin’s, The Girls of FARRANFORE, Gneevguilla and The Pride of Rathmore. The alternative titles section lists more but none that I’m familiar with.

Tk 10 Pat Kelly’s is a tune which appears as a Gan Ainm reel on “Barking Mad” by Four Men and a Dog. I’ve never found a title for it. The second tune [coincidently recorded in the same set by FMAD too] is a Sean Ryan composition called Shamrock Hill.

Tk 15 Sounds like a version of the 5-part Geese in the Bog and The Cordal Jig. It is a different tune though but one of these meshes from other tunes [I mean how many tunes are like the 4-part Lark in the Morning?]

Sorry, track 15 comments was in relation to the first tune in the set. The second one is Charlie Lennon’s composition, The Flying Wheelchair.

..I’ll go to bed now.

Thanks, Paddy

I’ve edited some of the titles, Paddy. I did mean to check them, but you’ve beaten me to it. Good man !

Any ideas what tunes Brian plays on track 2, “Coyle’s Piano Reels?”


2 Liz Carroll tunes, only referred to as “Coyle’s Piano Reels”. I’m sure Mick Moloney recorded them too on his Green Linnet solo CD. I don’t think Liz ever got round to recording them herself. Been meaning to post them, but be my guest…..

Ah I see. Thanks Kenny. I haven’t actually learnt them myself yet so feel free to fire ahead with the submission if you like.