By Whisht!

  1. McAuley’s
    The Islandbawn
  2. The Flying Pig
    Moig Cross
    An Coisir
  3. Broomfield Hill
  4. Ridées à 6 Temps No. 1
    Ridées à 6 Temps No. 2
    Ridées à 6 Temps No. 3
  5. The Evictions
  6. Something In The Sliabh Luachra Style
    Put A Chain On That Pony
    The Girl With The Laughing Eyes
  7. The Primrose Glen
    Suas A Staigre Liom
  8. The Lazy Farmer
  9. Gleanntán
    Sword In Hand
    Anything For John Joe
  10. Brocéliande
  11. Metro (Ray’s Classic)

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Please god - please! Could everyone when they post a recording please put some comments about the band/album, where they are from, what they sound like. You know - like COMMENTS - in the COMMENT section! Its so irritating!

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A new recording from the German Sliabh Luachra Enthusiasts

Tunes from the repertoire of Denis Murphy, Padraig O’Keefe and other iconic players take turns with more contemporary and newly composed material. Songs from Donegal and olde England. Modern arrangements with some synthesizer stuff besides the traditional instruments. No gimmickry!

Johannes Schiefner - uilleann pipes, whistles, synthesizers, piano, vocals
Sabrina Palm - fiddle
Ekhart Topp - guitar, vocals
Holger Ries - cajon, bodhran, percussion, vocals


Thank you!

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