Into Indigo

By Anna Murray

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  1. Finbarr Saunders
    Gaol Na H-Oige
  2. Na Goisidich
    Tar The House
    The Ness Pipers
  3. Saoil A Mhor
  4. Dolina MacKay
    The Ballivanich
    The Brown Haired Maiden
  5. An Ribhinn Bhoidheach
  6. Southpark House
    Tarruing Teann An Crios
    Kevin’s Celtic Chasm
  7. Mairead Nan Cuiread
  8. The Hazy Day
    Zeto The Bubbleman
    The Last Tango In Harris
  9. An Deidh’s Mo Mhealladh
  10. Braigh Loch Iall
    Miss Campbell Of Sheerness
    The Atlantic Bridge
  11. A Ghaoil Saoil Am Faigh Mi Thu?
    Hacking Windows
  12. Crann Tara
    Alasdiar Oig Mhic’ic Neacail
  13. Gad’ Ionndrainn

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"Into Indigo" is the 1997 follow-up release by piper/vocalist Anna Murray (Anna Mhoireach). As with "Out Of The Blue," this CD features Murray on Highland and Scottish smallpipes, as well as singing traditional songs in Scots-Gaelic.

Anna Mhoireach (vocals, Highland pipes, smallpipes); Iain F. MacLeod (guitar); Steve Lawrence (acoustic & electric bouzouki, mandolin, cittern, percussion); Archie McAllister (fiddle); Stuart Macartney (harmonica); Brian Byrne (piano, Hammond organ, synthesizer); Gerry O’Neil (bass, double bass); Leo McCann (button box); Sandra MacKay, Fiona MacKenzie (background vocals).

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