The Frost Is All Over

By Paul McGrattan

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The Frost is All Over

I got the first album of the band “Beginish” around one year ago, but I didn’t like the sound effect of the recording, so I picked up this one.

Guests are:
Arty McGlynn (guitar)
Noel O’Grady (bouzouki)
Paul O’Shaughnessy (fiddle)
Noreen O’Donoghue (piano)
Kevin Conneff (bodhran)
Matt Molloy (flute)
Paul Doyle (bouzouki)

Paul McGrattan release another good album “Within a Mile of Dublin” with Paul O’Shaughnessy and also plays in “Music at Matt Molloy’s.”

Brilliant album

This is one of my favorite flute albums. Paul McGrattan’s style influences me greatly and that is the kind of power I would love to get out of the flute.

Lovely Stuff

I love this album cause while its a mostly flute theres a good bit of fiddle and whistle just when you need it.

Very well recorded, balanced, PLAYed and arranged album!

10 out of 10!


Track 6

For the track 6 polkas, the CD listing has: Up and Away/The Mountain Pathway/Egan’s Polkas. In the notes Paul McGrattan says he learned these two “Egan’s Polkas” from John Egan, but he doesn’t give the names, so they’ve now been added.

Re: The Frost Is All Over

Track 11 : I corrected the name of the second tune from Thaddy Casey’s Fancy to The Crosses of Annagh as it is how it is titled on the album. Curiously, Crosses of Annagh is not mentionned as an alternate name on the page of Thaddy Casey’s Fancy… On the comments of this track, it is precised that the Caseys (Thaddy, Scully, Bobby) are from that part of West Clare. I left the link to the music unmodified as it was correct.