Corran Hill

By Carmel Gunning

  1. Erin Gra Mo Chroi
  2. An Greasai Brog
  3. Were You At The Fair?
  4. Donal Og
  5. Around St. James’s Well
  6. An Chulfhionn
    Stack Of Barley
  7. Katie Daly
  8. The Moving Cloud
    The Old Bush
  9. The Exile Far Away
  10. Jean’s
    Colonel Frazier
  11. The Geevagh Prisoners
  12. Roger Sherlock’s
    Corran Hill

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Corran Hill,

Most of the songs on this CD are about Carmel Gunnings home area of Geevagh, in South Sligo which was rich in poets, singers, dancers and irish musicians. when she was a young girl. She has included two new compositions as well as some very popular tunes in her own style.
Also featuring on Track 11 is Orlaith McAuliffe champion fluteplayer from London a pupil of Queen Maeve Summer School where each year she is guided by Carmel herself and Olivia McTernan.


Orlaith’s track is # 10, not #11.
The first tune on track 12 link is wrong. It’s a jig track, not reels.

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Re: Corran Hill

The tunes Orlaith plays on my CD Corran Hill are reels.