In The Smoke

By Various Artists

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In the Smoke

The sleeve describes it as "Classic Traditional Irish Music recorded in London in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s".

Here’s a list of tunes and those playing:

1. The Bank Of Ireland/The Woman Of The House/The Morning Dew - Bobby Casey
2. The Blue Riband/Up And Away - John & Julia Clifford
3. Boys Of The Lough/Trip To Durrow - Noel Pepper/Paddy Moran
4. The Rich Man’s Daughter - Packie Byrne
5. Jackie Coleman’s/The Castle - Jimmy Power
6. The Kesh Jig/Morrison’s/Old Joe’s - John Doonan
7. The Bucks Of Oranmore/The Wind That Shakes The Barley - The O’Halloran Brothers
8. The Rights Of Man/The Honeysuckle Hornpipe - Tommy Healy/Johnny Duffy
9. The Galway Shawl - Margaret Barry
10. Callaghan’s Reel - Con Curtin/Denis McMahon
11. Ballydesmond/Knocknabowl - Julia Clifford
12. The Maid Behind The Bar - The Wright Brothers/Paddy Neylan
13. The Coolin - Noel Pepper
14. Granuaile - Des O’Halloren
15. Follow Me Down To Limerick/Hardiman The Fiddler - Jimmy Power
16. Shannon Breeze/Heathery Breeze/The Green Fields Of America - John Doonan
17. Cavan Lasses/Rose Of The Heather - Tommy Healy/Johnny Duffy
18. The Creel - Packie Byrne
19. The Moher Reel - Lucy Farr/Bobby Casey
20. Cherish The Ladies/Father O’Flynn - John Doonan/John Wright/Noel Pepper/Paddy Moran/Paddy Neylan
21. The Dublin Porter/The Mountain Lark - The Star Of Munster Trio
22. Paddy Ryan’s Dream - Danny Meehan
23. The Flower Of Sweet Strabane - Margaret Barry
24. Maguire’s Favourite/Tralee Gaol/Maggie In The Wood - Margaret Barry/Michael Gorman/Patsy Goulding/Tommy McGuire/Paddy Breen
25. Coleman’s Favourite/The Promenade - Jimmy Power
26. Lucy Campbell/Toss The Feathers - Tony McMahon/Andy Boyce/Mairtin Byrnes
27. The Blackbird - John Doonan

In the Smoke

There are a couple of songs on the CD, sung in a VERY trad style, which I find hard work, and a coupls of sets where the spoons/bones are a bit prominent - Llig would love it 🙂

Also a Maid behind the Bar done on Jew’s Harp - I’ve never heard anything like it !

All in all, a classic set of recordings

Topic compilation.

Compilation of "Topic" label recordings from the 1970s, mostly taken from "Paddy In The Smoke", and "The Lark In The Morning" records. Good stuff.

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Sorry, Domnull, but the pub depicted on the cover of ‘In the Smoke’ was not the famous Favourite, but another, somewhat grubby pub (with no musical associations), further up the Hornsey Road. It was demolished about six or seven years ago and replaced by a block of flats.