A Cheste Of Fyne Jewells

By Diabolus In Musica

  1. The Buffens
  2. Greensleeves
  3. The Earl Of Essex’s Measures
  4. Grimstock
    Sellenger’s Round
  5. The French Lavolto
  6. The Braunschweiger
  7. La Bella Gioiosa
  8. Will Kemp’s
  9. La Contrapasso
  10. Watkin’s Ale
    Wolsey’s Wild
  11. Sundry Dances
  12. The Duke Of Milan’s Pavan And Galliard
  13. King Henry’s Pavan
  14. Horse’s Bransle
    Bransle L’Official
  15. Packington’s Pound
  16. La Follia
  17. All In A Garden Green
    Rufty Tufty
    Gathering Peascods
  18. Sundry French Gavottes
  19. My Friend
  20. The Quarter Bransles
    A Ronde
    The King’s Dance

Three comments

A great Renaissance Band from the West Midlands, who speak and write in true Elizabethan style. Here is their version of the CD/Cassette Track List (www.diabolus.org):

To Alle Goode People
Bee it knowne that the renowned Musicians,
At the requeste of very manie persons, both noble and base, have lately taken sundry fyne Jewells of Musick, made all in the dayes of oure late greate Quene, Elizabeth I, such as they are wont to shewe forth at the fynest Houses in the Lande. These they have played upon seaverall true Instrumentes of Musick, as were muche used in Elizabeths daye; and have encaptured the sounde therof, by wayes alchemicall, upon a silver platter, comenly clept a Seedy. This Seedy, then, hath bene enclosed within a proper Cheste, the whiche maye nowe bee had at but smal expense.
And though they bee Muse’s Jewells, made of naught but sounde, and having no substance but aire, that they may not abide; yet anie persons that have the meanes may bring them forth at theyre commaund, to shyne a good houre before them, to theyre greate delighte.

A liste of the Jewells within the Cheste :

The Firste Parte
Item. THE BUFFENS, a French Sword Dance, uppon the shawm, curtal and drum
Item, GREENSLEEVES. uppon the aIto recorder and lute
Item, THE EARL OF ESSEX HIS MEASURES, uppon the hurdy-gurdy and guitar.
Item, GRIMSTOCK, AND SELLENGER HIS ROUNDE, uppon the hurdy-gurdy and guitar.
Item, THE FRENCH LAVOLTO, uppon the crumhorn and cittern.
Item, THE BRAUNSCHWEIGER, a fyne tune new come from Alamanye, uppon the soprano recorder and cittern.
Item, LA BELLA GIOIOSA, uppon the hummelchen and Cittern.
Item, MASTER WILL KEMP HIS JIGG, uppon the alto recorder and guitar
Item, LA CONTRAPASSO, uppon the hummelchen and guitar
Item, WATKINS ALE AND WOLSEYS WILDE, uppon the sopranino recorder and guitar
Item, SUNDRY DANCES uppon the shepherds pipes and drum

The Second Parte
Item, THE GRAND DUKE OF MILAN HIS PAVAN AND GALLIARD, uppon the shawm, curtal and violin.
Item, KYNG HENRY HIS PAVAN, uppon the hurdy gurdy and guitar.
Item, TWO BRAWLS OF FRAUNCE, CALLED HORSES AND OFFICIAL, uppon the hurdy-gurdy and guitar.
Item, THE ITALIAN FLOWER DAUNCE, uppon the tenor recorder and lute.
Item, ALL IN A GARDEN GREENE, RUFTY TUFTY, AND GATHERING PEASCODS, three fyne countrey daunces, uppon the soprano recorder and cittern.
Item, SUNDRYE FRENCH GAVOTS, uppon the hummelchen and cittern.
Item, A RONDE CALLED MY FRIEND, uppon the shawm and curtal.
Item, THE QUARTER BRAWLS, A RONDE, AND THE KING HIS DAUNCE, uppon the hurdy-gurdy and guitar.

Cod-Elizabethan does nothing for me but I’ll forgive them for ye lytill jeste about the Seedy.

“Elizabethan” style is not very big in Ireland. You sure you’re on the right website ?