Set Dancing Downunder

By The Coast Ceili Band

  1. The Humours Of Antrim
    Reel Of Twins
  2. The Boys Of Tandragee
    The Rambling Pitchfork
  3. The Clog
    The Dingle Regatta
  4. The Dusty Windowsills
    The Pipe On The Hob
  5. The Pigeon On The Gate
    Dick Gossip
    Come West Along The Road
  6. Egan’s
    The Ceili House
    Jim Keefe’s
  7. The Black Rock
    The Rakes
  8. The Volunteer
    The Ships Are Sailing
    St. Anne’s
  9. The Geese In The Bog
    The Pipe On The Hob
  10. Cunnamulla Stocking
  11. Herb’s
  12. The Burnt Old Man
  13. The Rambler
    Scatter The Mud
  14. The Battering Ram
  15. Saddle The Pony
    The Frost Is All Over
  16. Ireland In New York
    The Humours Of Tulla
  17. The Green Fields Of Rossbeigh
    The Concertina
  18. The Tarbolton
    The Longford Collector
    The Sailor’s Bonnet
  19. The Sally Gardens
    The Merry Blacksmith
    The Silver Spear
    The High
  20. Daniel O’Connell
    The Maid At The Well
    The Humours Of Glendart
  21. The Rainy Day
    The Kilmaley
    Eileen Curran
  22. The Marino
    Ernie Goodman’s

Three comments

Great CD.

A great CD of ceili music for Australia. Released for the 50th anniversary of the Sydney Irish Ceili Dancers.

At the Ceili

Was at the Ceili. What a night!

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have to agree dos, brilliant night, were you at the session afterwards?