A Fathomless Sea

By Mooncoin

  1. Amhrán na Leabhair
    Swallow’s Tail
    The Banshee
  2. Through Bushes And Through Briars
  3. The Tarbolton
    The Monaghan
  4. Birds And Ships
  5. Sangshy Henvalson Vals
    The Bothy
  6. Majn Rue-plaz
  7. Samnangafjorden
  8. Mick O’Byrne’s
  9. Cold And Raw
  10. Carron Streams
  11. Young William Plunkett
    Maggie’s Pancakes
    Cathal McConnell’s
  12. I Am Stretched On Your Grave

Three comments

Mooncoin are a great band based in Norwich, England

A Fathomless See

"Were" a great band…


From 2001 this one.

"A European folk band based in the East Anglian region of England. With a repertoire drawn from across Europe, Mooncoin performed a diverse range of music drawn from across Europe that encompassed many folk traditions and contemporary influences."