By Lau

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  1. Auld Stewart
    Young Stewart
    Last Week’s Efforts
  2. Banks Of Marble
  3. Frank And Flo’s
    An Tobar
  4. Butcher Boy
  5. Sea
    The Lemon Slice
  6. The Dog And The Rabbit
    A Dog Called Bran
    Souter Creek
    Muckle Moose On The Muin
  7. Unquiet Grave
  8. Hinba
    Funny Weather
  9. Gallowhill

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Lau Live

Recorded Live at the Bongo Club Edinburgh, December 2007

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Lau are the Bees Knees - they are bleeding awesome.

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Bleeding awesome

like BB says, lau are bleeding awesome, why people aren’t paying much attention to them on here I’ve no idea

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