Foinn Seisiún 3

By Ceoltóirí Cultúrlainne

  1. Devanny’s Goat
    The Galway Rambler
    Last Night’s Fun
  2. The Mug Of Brown Ale
    The Leg Of The Duck
    Munster Buttermilk
  3. McKeown’s
  4. The Banks Of Lough Gowna
    The Gold Ring
    Tommy Mulhaire’s
  5. Dick Sherlock’s
    The Morning Star
    The Lady On The Island
  6. The Derry
    Kit O’Mahony’s
    The Galway
  7. Johnny I Do Miss You
    Tripping To The Well
    Bill Sullivan’s
  8. The Old Kilfenora
    Club Céilí
    Jim Ward’s
  9. George White’s Favourite
    The Boys Of Malin
    The Gravel Walk
  10. A Nation Once Again
    The Clare Dragoons
  11. The Tulla
    The Siege Of Ennis
    The Knockabower
  12. The Doon
    The Mountain Top
    Fred Finn’s
  13. Kathleen Hehir’s
    Merrily Kiss The Quaker
    The Weaver’s
  14. Around The Fairy Fort
    The New Broom
    If There Weren’t Any Women In The World
  15. The Kinnegad Slashers
    The Blackthorn Stick
    The Scotsman Over The Border
  16. The Old Blackthorn
    The Mossy Banks
    Jim Donohue’s
  17. Shandon Bells
    Father Kelly’s
    I Buried My Wife And Danced On Her Grave
  18. Farrell O’Gara
    The Irish Girl
  19. Christmas Eve
    The Killavil
    The Boys Of Ballisodare
  20. Austin Tierney’s
    John Brennan’s
  21. Paddy Clancy’s
    The Maho Snaps
    Paddy Taylor’s
  22. Dick Gossip’s
    The Limestone Rock
    The Boys Of Ballinahinch
  23. The Fairy Queen
    The Good Natured Man
    The Belfast
  24. Micho Russell’s
    The Priest
    The Cat’s Rambles To The Child’s Saucepan
  25. Joe Bane’s
    Lucy Campbell
    The Boys Of 45
  26. Top Of The Maol
    The Scartaglen
    The Leitrim
  27. The Pigeon On The Gate
    The Flogging
    Tie The Bonnet
  28. Caileach An Airgid
    The Bride’s Favourite
    Julia Clifford’s
  29. The Holly Bush
    The Fermoy Lasses
    Sporting Paddy
  30. Fanny Power
    Sí Beag Sí Mór
  31. Contentment Is Wealth
    Father O’Flynn
    I Will If I Can
  32. Crowley’s
    The Blackberry Blossom
  33. Keel Row Fling
    The High Road To Linton
    Green Grow The Rushes
  34. Mulqueen’s
    The Little Bag Of Spuds
    Charlie Harris’s
  35. The Kilfenora
    John Joe’s
  36. The Stone Of Destiny
    The Road To Garrison
  37. Lurgadán
    The Mist Covered Mountain
    Eddie Moloney’s
  38. The Otter’s Holt
    Music In The Glen
    The Virginia

Two comments

Foinn Seisiún CD3

Foinn Seisiún CD3 is the third in a series of recordings (the first was released in 2004) of standard Irish traditional tunes arranged in sets that would be suitable for any session. Notation for the tunes can be found in the Comhaltas Foinn Seisiún Books 1 to 3. Details on tunes in the earlier recordings are listed here as follows:-

Foinn Seisiún CD1 -
Foinn Seisiún CD2 -

Foinn Seisiún CD3 is a double CD which contains the 38 session sets (all 108 tunes) published in the Comhaltas Foinn Seisiún Book 3. The books and CDs can be purchased directly from Comhaltas in Monkstown by telephoning in credit card and delivery address details – Tel: 00353 -1-280 0295.

Foinn Seisiún books and CDs can also be purchased from Custy’s Music, Ennis, Co. Clare, Ireland.