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The Chair

Formerly known as Lazy Boy Chair (named changed perhaps to avoid any potential law suits from reclining lounger makers…), The Chair are an 8 piece band from Orkney who give a contemporary twist to their tunes, trad and original, fronted by the fiddles of Douglas Montgomery and Fionn Macarthur. They won they Danny Kyle Open Stage at Celtic Connections and are becoming a regular fixture of folk festivals in Scotland and beyond…

Second tune of track 4 should be “Tilting the Scales”

The second tune of track 4 is actually called “Titting the Scales”, it refers to an incident in the Bothy Bar in Kirkwall involving an antique set of scales and a large set of breasts. After careful measuring it was found that one of the forementioned breasts weighed the equivalent of 4 pints of guinness and 2 large Highland Parks!

Oops the writing on the Cd cover is very small!

Just saw them at Cambridge Folk Festival. Best investment ever buying this Album. Pure brilliance.

My fiddle teachers in the chair 🙂 GO DOUGIE MONTGUM!!! :D