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A good selection of tunes by Lunasa. Some great whistle/flute/pipes work on the album. Musicians:

Kevin Crawford: Flute, whistles, bodhran
Trevor Hutchinson: double bass and cello
Donogh Hennessy: guitars
Sean Smyth: fiddle, whistles and viola

Guest Musicians -

Mike McGoldrick: Pipes, Flute and whistles
John McSherry: Pipes and Low Whistles
Stephen McDonald: flugelhorn

Some arrangements on the album arn’t my cup of tea though. I like the fiery reels (eg track 1, 2 and 6) but some other tracks just don’t appeal to me. Track 7 Autumn Child just seems too boring with not much feeling. I prefer the more traditional input to slow airs (eg Matt Cranitch, Paddy Glackin, Seamus Ennis, Tony MacMahon etc).

I havn’t heard much of Lunasa’s stuff so I can’t tell if this is “the usual lot”. Still, work picking up I say for a variated way of playing the tradition (but only slightly!).

Cathal McConnell’s

Does anybody know that tune (last one on track 3) by another name? I can’t find it , there’s only a slip jig and a reel, and this one is actually a jig…

According to the session page, Cathal McConnell’s is also known as: Cathal McConnell’s, The Cock And The Hen, Dennis Ryan’s, Doodley Doodley Dank, The Northern Jig
Butlers of Glen Avenue is also known as the Roaring Barmaid. Not, eh, quite sure where that one comes from.

Doodely Doodely Dank is a different tune. Someone mistakingly put the that as an alternative title.

Butlers of Glen Avenue-Roaring Barmaid

Just to set this straight, Butlers of Glen Avenue is simply misnamed by Lunasa. The tune is called, as it correctly redirects, Roaring Barmaid, the Butlers of Glen Avenue is an entirely diffent tune, the only thing the two tunes have in common is the fact that they share the same composer.

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Cathal McConnells - Ryan’s

Most notes seem just straight out of key [Bm / D instead on F#m / A] but the note it drops to in the second phrase of the F#m part is definitely off. For whatever reason, the timing of that slip jig doesnt seem any different but I didn’t think that the Lunasa set has any timing changes for that last tune. Meh I guess.

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Re: Otherworld

I’m fairly certain that the McGlinchey’s listed on track 2 is actually McGlinchey’s Splendid Isolation