Shetland Dialect - Language Of The Fiddle

By Various Artists

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Shetland Dialect

If you’re into Shetland music, then this is a great collection.
Here’s more info, including the names of each set and artists

1"Milligarth Madness" - Fiddlers’ Bid : On the Wings of a Scorie (Michael Ferrie) / Milligarth Madness (Kevin Henderson) /Tune For a Lost Harmonica ( Michael Ferrie)
2"Juniper Jig" - Shobils: Juniper Jig (Sherritt) / Cecil and Mona Tulloch (Kirkpatrick)
3"Fetlar Trows" - Maurice Henderson : Hjogrovylta / Winyadepla (Trad tunes from Fetlar)
4"Duns Dings Aa" - Filska: Duns Dings Aa / Courtney’s Favourite / Dinky Dorrian / Cairngorm Brooch /Duns Reprise (all Stubbert)
5"Mill Brae" - John Robert Deyell : Mill Brae / Miss Susan Cooper (both Ronnie Cooper)
6"Central House" - Jeanna Johnston: Central House (Jeanna Johnston) / Come Again, You’re Welcome (trad)/Sleep Soond ida Mornin (trad)
7"The Fiddle Burns" - Filska: Duncan Gray / O Whistle and I’ll Come Tae Ye, My Lad / My Love She’s But a Lassie Yet (all trad)
8"T.O.B." - Rack and Ruin : TOB (nisbet)
9"Michael’s Mazurka" - Maurice Henderson:Michael’s Mazurka ( Ferrie)
10"Day Dawn" - Jeanna Johnston : Day Dawn (trad) / Christmas Day in the Morning (Stickle)
11"Asher" - John Robert Deyell : Imra Waltz (trad) / Asher (Miller) / La Grande Chaine (trad)
12"The Fiddle Burns Again" - Filska: Ae Fond Kiss / Rattlin’ Roarin’ Willie (both trad)
13"Pottinger’s Pineapple" - Shobils: The Neil MacDonald Polka (Bell) / Pottinger’s Pineapple Polka (Jamieson)
14"Pretty Peggy" - Fiddlers’ Bid : Trip to Ballyshannon (Fraser) / Miss Lyall (trad) / Pretty Peggy (Skinner) / The Easy Club (Sutherland)
15"Horrible Fine" - Jeanna Johnston : Eugene Stratton (Skinner) / Princess Beatrice (Laybourn) / Madame Neruda (Skinner)
16"Leaving Lerwick Harbour" - Chris Stout:Leaving Lerwick Harbour