Farewell To Evening Dances

By Colm O’Donnell

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Farewell to evening dances

Another nice album by Bogfire (http://www.bogfire.com). Colm O’Donnel is equally accomplished as a flutist and singer.

Here are the translations given in the insert for the Irish song names:
Erin gr

Oh, and he lilts too.

The Cronolly Connection

To the M&E enthusiasts here (like me and at least a couple others), it may be interesting to know that Colm O’Donnell was the young man who received the "wheel spoke" flute (the first one that Michael made, out of a spoke of an old wheel) and went on to win a few competitions with it.


When i think of Sligo flutists, i have a stereotype of a pulsating, driving and dirty sound. This guy, however, has a very beautiful and pure tone, very nice on the ears.


Hey, I like that dirty thick tone! But I like Colm’s playing as well.

Farewell to you, braves comrades all…

the album’s title comes from track 13: The Hill of Knocknashee

Really Nice Album

Great to hear such an album from a very fine musician who also has a day job. Well, several day jobs.

Boys of Bluehill

Very pleasant album!
Colm O’Donnell plays a nice version of Boys of Bluehill🙂.