Irish Heartbeat

By Van Morrison and The Chieftains

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Van Morrison & The Chieftains

This album was recorded by Van Morrison & The Chieftains. It’s a beatifull album!

" Irish Heartbeat "

…..was recorded…….How long ago ?
On vinyl or now on CD ?
Only ten tracks ?
CD Number ?

An amazing combination. Morrison, when he sings straight, is superb but he ruins the endings of some songs with crazy improvisations…hard to know why Paddy Molony, who is known to be a perfectionist, allowed Van to get away with this. I`m thinking especially of She Moves Through the Fair.
But My Lagan Love is magnificent and awesome. It`s great to hear this sung by a Belfastman. And Star of the County Down is great..a wonderful combination of North and South. All in all, a terrific album..unique.