By Ceolbeg

  1. Royal Scots
    Lad Wi’ The Plaidie
    A Cup Of Tea
  2. Irish Emigrant’s Farewell
  3. The Men Went To Drink
  4. Bonny Mary Hay
  5. The Tryst
  6. The Lads O’ Duns
    Middling Thank You
    Mary Horne’s
  7. The Kiwi
    Willie’s Brogues
  8. Oysters
    The Jiggernaut
  9. Not A Swan On The Lake
    The Blackbird
    Bob McPherson’s
  10. I Will Make You Brooches
  11. The Highland Brigade At Waterloo
    The Gale Warning

Four comments

I can’t believe that none of the recording of this band are on the website. Kenny’s clearly too modest.

This is their first album from 1984 with Kenny Hadden, Dave Whyte, Peter Boond, Stuart Morrison and Davey Carmicheal