At Early Dawn

By Mike Dugger

  1. The Limerick Lasses
    Richard Dwyer’s
    The Old Bush
  2. A Sailor’s Praise
  3. The Feet Washing
    Alabama Rick’s
  4. O’Sullivan’s Daughter
  5. Kieran O’Hare’s
    The Newport Lasses
  6. Matewan
  7. Killala
    The Killarney Boys Of Pleasure
    Toss The Feathers
  8. At Early Dawn
  9. Kilkelly
  10. Eammon Coyne’s
    The Twisted Tinker
  11. The Lads Of Armagh
    Sean Coughlan’s
    Lord Kitchener’s Pipes
  12. Canadee-i-o

Two comments

I never get up that early.

I’ll start you off by sending you straight to a site you can pick the CD up at.

Mike is an incredible musician and writer. It happens that he wrote one of my favorite tunes. Catch him if you can and enjoy the music.

Disgusting that he no longer plays the fiddle. Mike’ll know in about a year whether the operation worked on his elbow. In the meantime, he’s got the box bug bad. ;) A great friend to many players, our Mike.