A Richer Dust

By Blowzabella

  1. Introduction
  2. The Willow Runnel
  3. The New Jigs
  4. The Rose Of Raby
  5. Reprise
  6. Finale
  7. Death In A Fen
    Bruton Town
    Our Captain Cried
  8. The Moth
  9. The Man In The Brown Hat
  10. The Diamond
  11. The New Hornpipes
  12. All Things Are Quite Silent

Two comments

Richer dust..

an old favourite album from teenage years.
During a long period of illness once these tunes went round and round in my mind and kept me sane..
Was surprised to find no listings for a Blowzabella in the session at all. I thought they would be old stalwarts, as I’m sure many of their tunes are in playing sessions..
I did manage to find a tune here..
which funnily enough was the one i was trying to figure out and why I was searching here today… so thanks mehitabel23.
You did it much better than I was gettin on from memory..
I don’t know how to connect the link to this tune to the album listing though… does this happen automatically..??
Have listed this album and may do some more.


Haven’t heard this one but have been impressed by others. They pioneered or at any rate developed the use of old-fashioned English and European bagpipes in band sets alongside hurdy-gurdies and melodeons, playing in the main English and French material.