By Caoimhin Vallely

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Absolutely great piano playing there. Lovely music.


This is a CD of piano tunes, as discussed in, with Caomhín Vallely, piano
Brian Morrissey, bodhrán
Paul Meehan, guitar
Niall Vallely, concertina
Cillian Vallely, uilleann pipes
Martin Leahy, drums

The second tune on track 3 is by Brendan McGlinchey
The first tune on track 5, a hornpipe, is by Paddy Fahy (!)
Tune 1 on track 6 is by Niall Vallely
The tunes on track 7 are by Brian Finnegan and Jim Sutherland
Track 8 (which appears with the more conventionalspelling of Whistler of Rosslea inside the insert) is by Ed Reav(e)y
Track 10 consists of tunes by Neil Dickie and Jim Sutherland

As so often, spelling/proof-reading is less than perfect on the insert, but that doesn’t detract from the music.

I bought it from Claddagh ( - it appears to be self-published,with serial number CVCD001

Apologies for duplication

It seems this is already in here after all:,

Not sure why I didn’t find it - I searched the title and Caomhín Vallely, with and without the fada, and nothing came up. It then occurred to me that I should have clicked on one of the tunes to see if the recording was listed, and of course it was.

Since I’ve added more extenisve comments, should I just copy these across to the original submission and then wait for mine to be deleted?

Mystery solved

I can’t spell (or read) - I left out the first i in Caoimhín which explains some of the rest of my difficulties - so apologies again. Also I should learn not to make sarky comments about proof-reading!

Great playing!!!!!

One of my new favorites. It has great feeling and mood. Just really great. I hope there is a second one in the works.

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