Silly Wizard

By Silly Wizard

  1. Highland Pibroch
  2. Jenny Gray’s Whisky
  3. The Wind That Shakes The Barley
    The Ale Is Dear
  4. Carlisle Wall
  5. My Love’s In Germany
  6. Election
  7. The Heron Election Ballad No.4
  8. Atholl Braes
    The Drunken Piper
  9. The Shearing
  10. The Fairy Dance
  11. The Land O’ The Leal

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Silly Wizard by Silly Wizard

An early LP by the band. Lots of mandolin, but the sound quality isn’t the best. Transatlantic XTRA 1158, 1976

Johnny Cunningham (fiddle, viola, mandolin), Gordon Jones (vocals, guitar, bouzouki, autoharp, bodhran), Bob Thomas (guitar, mandolin, dulcimer, concertina), Andy Stewart (vocals, tenor banjo, mandolin), Alistair Donaldson (bass, flute, organ), Freeland Barbour (accordion, bouzouki, whistle, keyboards)

Track 1 - "Highland Pibroch" - can also be found as "Auld Wattie".
Track 6 - "Election Jig" - is better known as "Buy Broom Besoms"
Track 7 - "Heron Election Ballad No.4" - by Robert Burns


Ali Donaldson later went on to become bass-player "William Mysterious" with Edinburgh punk-band, "The Mysterons". Useless trivia, but you never know - it might come up in your pub quiz night.

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