The Half Door

By Packie Byrne And Bonnie Shaljean

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  1. Captain Taylor’s Air
    Captain Taylor’s March
  2. I Will Lay Ye Doon
  3. Mín An Erin
  4. The Drummer Boy At Waterloo
  5. German Barn Dance
  6. The Recruited Collier
  7. I’ve Got A Bonnet
  8. Munster Buttermilk
  9. The Ghost’s Welcome
  10. Our Ship She Lays In Harbour
  11. The Half Door
  12. Miss Hamilton
    All Alive
  13. The Lark In The Clear Air
  14. The Red-Haired Man’s Wife
  15. Hannigan’s Hooley

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Released on the Dingle’s Records label (DIN 302) in 1977, this album combined the talents of Ardara’s whistler and singer, Packie Byrne, with the harp, harmonium, vocals and guitar of Californian Bonnie Shaljean (who still lives in Ireland).

All the tracks are instrumentals apart from 2, 4, 6, 10, 13 and 15.

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