Suburban Ethnia

By Chanter

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  1. Willie’s Gone To Melville Castle
  2. The Island Men
  3. The Killimer
    The Leitrim Fancy
  4. The Creggan White Hare
  5. The Silver Spear
    Peggy McGrath
    The Bank Of Ireland
  6. The Star Of The County Down
  7. The Trumpet
  8. Blackwatertown
  9. The Walls Of Liscarroll
    Trip To Sligo
  10. Ye Jacobites
  11. Drowsy Maggie
    The Sally Gardens
  12. The Strabane Hiring Fair

Two comments

Chanter was a briefly popular band on the North London Irish scene in the late 1970s and this, their only album, was released by Expert Records (ELP 1) in 1977 and its cover shows a snowy street at the top end of the Wightman Road/Green Lanes ladder in Hornsey.

The band’s focus was Malcolm Rogers (fiddle, mandolin and vocals) who’s long been a journalist and still works on London’s ‘Irish Post’. His brother Roddy provided fiddle, mandolin, bouzouki and vocals and the other band members were Dave East (concertina, mandolin, whistle, bodhrán and vocals), Tommy Presho (guitar and vocals), Paul Gillieron (flute, whistle and saxophones) and Hughie Flint (bodhrán and drums). Yes, that’s the same Hughie Flint of John Mayall fame who played drums on the ‘Bluesbreakers’ album with Eric Clapton before forming McGuinness Flint with Tom McGuinness (ex-Manfred Mann) and had a stint with The Bonzos before joining Chanter. He would subsequently drum with The Blues Band. What on earth Hughie was doing with Chanter remains a complete mystery.

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Re: Suburban Ethnia

I worked with Tommy Presho and he told me how Hughie Flint came to be int he band. Chanter where playing a series of gig in London and Flint would turn up to watch. Flint eventually asked to sit in and the rest of the band got so used to having him play with them, he was asked to join. None of Chanter knew who he was. Whilst in Chanter, Flint said he was having a get together at his residence and asked the band to turn up. They did and it was when they arrived that they found out who he was as some famous musicians were also there, including Eric Clapton