Chappell Recorded Music Library - National Ireland

By The Chieftains

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  1. The Hare In The Corn
  2. Come Give Me Your Hand
  3. Brian Boru’s March
  4. Eileen O’Carroll
  5. Carolan’s Concerto
  6. Limerick’s Lamentation
  7. The Kid On The Mountain
  8. O’Rourke’s Feast
  9. The Trip To Durrow
    The Threshing
  10. An Chuilfhionn
  11. Molly St. George
  12. The Butterfly
  13. The Dark Slender Boy
  14. The Mullingar Races
  15. Kathleen Tyrell
  16. Bones Rhythm
  17. Bodhrán Rhythm
  18. Lilted
  19. Eochill
  20. The Mountain Stream Where The Moorcocks Crow
  21. Siúl A Rún
  22. Óilean Eadaigh
  23. Reels Set
  24. Hornpipes Set

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Apart from being a leading UK music publisher Chappell also specialised in providing library albums of generic music for TV and film productions.

This LP was released in 1986 (CHAP 125) and its first side consists of nine tracks by The Chieftains. The second side is divided into five sections - ‘blown instruments’, ‘string instruments’, ‘percussion’ and ‘vocals’ (with solo examples provided by individual Chieftains, including 35 seconds of bones mayhem from Martin Fay, plus two songs from Mary-Clare Breathnach), as well as a couple of tracks from the Castle Céilí Band.

The album’s worth tracking down simply for Matt Molloy’s solo rendition of ‘The Butterfly’.

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A rescued self-duplication?

This was a library disc, made for the Chappell Recorded Music Library in 1986, and was geared towards radio, TV and film producers looking for stock sounds to add to a production.

The first nine tracks were recorded by The Chieftains.

10 Paddy Moloney (whistle)
11 Paddy Moloney (uilleann pipes) and Derek Bell (harp)
12 Matt Molloy (flute)
13 Derek Bell (harp)
14 Seán Keane (fiddle)
15 Martin Fay (fiddle) and Derek Bell (harp)
16 Martin Fay (bones)
17 Kevin Conneff (bodhrán)
18 Kevin Conneff (lilting)
19 & 20 Kevin Conneff (song)
21 & 22 Mary-Clare Breathnach (song)
23 & 24 The Castle CB
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You beat me to it Smash… 😀

Chappell Recorded Music Library ~ "Ireland"

When we can afford a decent turntable I’ll ~ wait ~ it’s possible someone from the old Chappell company sent me some MP3s. I’ll check and if I’ve got the unlisted tunes I’ll add that information, fingers crossed… We have the disk, just not a turntable. We gave ours away to a friend and are currently without the means to spin disks, a definite frustration. Also, I refuse to go cheap and nasty, valueing our vinyl… I just have to try and chase up those MP3s. I suspect though that they may have been a different mix of tunes, but definitely one of their Irish themed compilations which also featured tracks from ‘The Chieftains’.