Irish Dance Party

By Michael Coleman And The McNulty Family

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  1. The High Level
    Medley Of Hornpipes
  2. Bonnie Kate
    Jennie’s Chickens
  3. Lord Gordon’s
  4. Medley Of Jigs
  5. The Men Of The West
    Mrs. Kenny
  6. Stack Of Barley Medley
  7. Back To Donegal
  8. Hills Of Glenswilly
  9. Tipperary Daisy
  10. Erin’s Green Shore
  11. We’ll Take You Back To Ireland
  12. Kielrow
    ‘Ma’ McNulty’s Favourite

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This undated LP (definitely from the 1960s), issued by the Decca label’s budget Ace of Hearts subsidiary, provided for some time the only vinyl evidence of the might of Michael Coleman’s fiddle. The first side’s six tracks draw upon Coleman’s 78rpm recordings made for Decca during the 1930s while the second features late 1940s releases by The McNulty Family.

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