The Ships Are Sailing

By Comhaltas Concert Tour Group 1978

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  1. The Ships Are Sailing
    The Templehouse
  2. Willie Clancy’s Fling
  3. Charlie Lennon’s
    Jack Maguire’s
    Gan Ainm
  4. My Old Fenian Gun
  5. Paddy Joe Maloney’s
    Cregg’s Pipes
  6. Do You Want Any More?
    The Green Fields Of America
  7. Josie McDermott’s
    Speed The Plough
  8. The King Of The Clans
    The Eel In The Sink
  9. Cherish The Ladies
  10. Maud Miller’s
    Ryan’s Rant
  11. Cailín Na Gruaige Donna
  12. John Egan’s
    John Joe Gardiner’s
  13. The Stranger
    The Fly By Night
  14. The Congress

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CCÉ’s 1978 North American tour album (CL 18) features the following (by track number):

1) & 9) group;
2) Eoin Ó Cionnaith - uilleann pipes;
3) Deirdre Shannon - fiddle;
4) Tom Gleeson - vocals;
5) Conal Ó Gráda - flute - and Fergal Ó Brolcháin - bodhrán (also on 12);
6) & 8) John Regan - accordion - and Celestine Boyle - piano;
7) Chris Droney - concertina;
10) Maeve Donnelly - fiddle;
11) Lean Bean UÍ Shé - vocals;
12) Séamus Mac Mathúna - flute;
13) Joe Burke - accordion - and Charlie Lennon - piano;
14) Christine Considine - banjo.

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Track 5

Track 5 would link to the tunes if you separate the names. If memory serves, the 1st reel is usually called "Bobby Casey’s", and Conal O’Grada’s "Cregg’s Pipes" has 5 parts - he also recorded it on "Top Of The Coom".

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‘Tis done, Kenny,

However, on this version Cónal’s ‘Cregg’s Pipes’ only has three parts.

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Don’t see any changes, "Floss".

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Well, Kenny, I did it once and it registered, but now I’ve done it again.

What’s with the double quotes around my user name?

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Re: The Ships Are Sailing

Track #3 : "Charlie Lennon’s" is a hornpipe. which was linking to a reel. The first of the 2 reels Deirdre Shannon plays , I’ve always known as "Jack Maguire’s". I have heard the second reel, and it will be here somewhere, but I can’t place it at the moment.
Track #12 : "John Joe Gardiner’s" is a reel, it was linking to a jig.

I’m sticking to my guns about Conal O’Grada playing the 5-part version of "Cregg’s Pipes" here. I’ve just listened to the track, comparing it with the 5-part setting in Breathnach’s Vol.1 [ #96, page 41, in my original copy ].
O’Grada starts with Breathnach’s 3rd part, followed by parts 4, 5, 1 and 2 in that order. He plays the whole 5 part tune through twice, and finishes with Breathnach’s 3rd / O’Grada’s 1st to round it off.
If there’s any doubt about this, I’ll put the track up on "Youtube", and people can decide for themselves who has it right.

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