Rossinver Braes

By Ben Lennon And Tony O’Connell

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Rossinver Braes

New out on CIC. Pure class. 50 odd years between the two musicians ‘n’ all.

I agree, Patkiwi.
There are some magical moments in this recording, such as the poignant solo Ben does on "The Fiddler Mick Hoy". (see

The title tune is Charlie Lennon’s hornpipe, dedicated to the town where Ben was born, raised, and still lives. The Braes are hills, Ben tells us, which rise in steps like the B part of the tune.
There are also two new Charlie Lennon compositions, a set of barn dances:
Lord Leitrim
The Earl Of Thomond
Another lovely barn dance, written by Ben himself, is also included.

Ben’s recorded some great music over the years, but this is without a doubt, my favourite.
It’s one of those rare CDs which actually has new tunes that, for a change, you know you won’t rest until you have them learned, plus beautiful playing that just makes you want to play along.

A cracker!