Irish Dance Music - Folkways LP

By Various Artists

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  1. Up And Away
    Mary Girl
  2. Spike Island Lassies
    Dowd’s Favourite
  3. Brian O’Lynn
    The Rakes Of Clonmel
  4. The First Of May
  5. The Millpond
    Mist On The Meadow
  6. The Shaskeen
    The Green Blanket
  7. Dunmore Lassies
    The Manchester
    The Castlebar Traveller
  8. The Carraroe
  9. Johnny’s Favourite
    The Thrush In The Morning
  10. The Boys Of Blue Hill
    The Stack Of Wheat
  11. The Joy Of My Life
    The Banks Of Lough Gowna
  12. Jenny Picking Cockles
    Kitty In The Lane
    The Cottage Grove
  13. Ginger’s Favourite
    The Bogs Of Allen
  14. The Ash Plant
    The Merry Harriers
    The Hut In The Bog

One comment

The ‘Folkways LP’ reference in this listing’s title is to distinguish it from the later Topic CD release already included here, though both the LP and CD were compiled by the same man - Reg Hall.

This LP was issued by the Folkways label in 1973 (FW 8821) and consists of recordings made between 1928 and 1963.

The musicians are:

1) John McKenna (concert flute), Michael Gaffney (banjo) and an unknown pianist - released by Decca in 1934;

2) Paddy O’Brien (accordion) - dating from the early 1950s and issued by Columbia;

3) The Bellhavel Trio - released in Ireland on the Columbia label in 1938;

4) Packie Dolan’s Melody Boys - recorded in 1928 and released by HMV in the UK;

5) The Lough Gill Quartet - 1930s recording issued by HMV;

6) The Ballinakill Traditional Dance Players - recorded in 1931 and issued by HMV in Ireland and Parlophone in the UK;

7) Tom Morrison (concert flute) and John Reynolds (tambourine) - recorded around 1930 and issued in the US by Columbia;

8) The Ballinakill Traditional Dance Players - same session as 6) above;

9) Peter Guinan (whistle) and unknown fiddler - reckoned to have been recorded in Dublin around 1938 and issued in Ireland by Regal Zonophone;

10) Pat Roche’s Harp and Shamrock Orchestra - recorded in New York in 1934 and issued by Decca;

11) Michael Grogan (accordion) and Patrick Carberry (tambourine) - recorded in Dublin in 1938 and released by Columbia;

12) Jimmy Power (fiddle) and Reg Hall (piano) - private recording made in 1963);

13) Michael J. Cashin (fiddle), accompanied by concert flute and piano - Chicago recording from 1928, released by Victor in the US and HMV in the UK;

14) as 3) above.

Virtually all of these archive recordings have not appeared on other compilations (or are available anywhere on the Net) and this album is worth tracking down not just for that reason but for Reg Hall’s illuminating notes on the musicians.

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