Cnoc Bui

By Conal Ó Gráda

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Conal O’Grada’s 2nd recording.

HE’S BACK !!! - will comment more later.

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I’m delighted to stumble upon this. I’m a HUGE fan of Conal O’Grada’s playing. While I think I’ll definitely get this recording, I must admit the track listing doesn’t look at tempting as his first album but that doesn’t mean anything really.

Love the set Muing Fhliuch into Greensleeves. OUTSTANDING!

Does anyone know what Muing Fhliuch means?

Cnoc Bui

For me, this is the perfect flute album. Just solid, crisp flute playing with so much drive and punch. Nothing else but an odd bodhran on two tracks, which works particularly nicely on the marches actually.

Oh, and he is of course using an EFlat flute - at least on track one (The only one I’ve tried playing along to so far…) So, one for the computer…

Oh yes . The man himself , just got my hands on this CD, Classic stuff. Brilliant.

The third tune in track 13 is listed as Jackie Coleman’s….I think that tune is actually Wille Coleman’s, at least I know it as that and that seems to be how it is filed here at The Session.

Sorry, third tune in track 12.

Maurice O’Keeffe’s polka set

The second tune in this polka set is The Ballygow Polka, listed on this site

The first tune is linked to a tune called Maurice O’Keeffe’s, but it is a different tune. I’ve added a transcription of Conal’s first tune on this track at

A really rowsing polka set, worth learning.

what a player. great album, some lovely tunes.

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"Conal Ó’Gráda: Cnoc Bui" ~ Where’s the ~ 😏 ?!

Yes, the meats here, and it’s nicely rounded with veg and tatties, and the seasoning is fine, well, except for that fru-fru on the side, track. which is a bit OTT to my sense of things, out of a can? It definitely moves beyond the ‘lament’ in the air. But, I do love this. It’s a keeper, though I like it that much I wouldn’t put it past me giving it away or at least purchasing more as gifts. But, where’s the plate, the silverware, the thought to presentation? Yeah, I can eat with my fingers, and it isn’t that bad if the table is at least clean, but it would have been nice if some thought was given to presentation for such a generally wonderful meal, that fru-fru side dish of track 4 aside.

Yes, ‘PRESENTATION’, in this case meaning notes, a word and more, context, bio, sources. There is proof of passion in the playing, and I have no doubts what so ever of this talent’s understanding and experience and knowledge, but a little thought and consideration for this wonderful meal, to set it out nicely, something for the eyes, further for the heart and soul and mind - notes!!! No doubt they would have been wonderful and informative and inspirational, but they aren’t there. That little extra consideration is valued, appreciated, as are ‘comments’ here on site. Even a little of the humour of this tradition would be welcome, but heart and context, helping us to greater understanding of the artist and their inspirations and influences ~ PLEASE! ~ that is highly valued, that little extra care and thought… Yes, ‘thought’, in words, passion shared beyond he joy of these listens, these wonderful contents poorly packaged, in my estimation of things. But that doesn’t take away from the greater value I place on the listen, and it won’t stop me from recommending this or buying it as a gift for others. I love the meal, but it could have been better presented.

Also, why all the practice with ‘talk like a pirate’, all the "Arr!"? "Arr!" here, "Arr!" there, "Arr!" all over the place. Why? That does smack a little of arrogance, EVERY track finishing with "Trad. arr. Conal Ó’Gráda" How absolutely silly. Yes, so it is you playing it, but what about all those that gave you your Arr!", who without there would be no Conal Ó’Gráda? A little sentence inside says "The sources include my mentors, my heroes, my friends." Yes! And these are? They are part of the great experiences, good and bad, that have given us this talented flute player. So, who are they? I’d have rather known that than the obvious being stated repeatedly ~ "Trad. arr. Conal Ó’Gráda"… Duh?

It’s still a wonderful recording, though I found track 4 a bit of an irritation, despite the obvious talent, possibly too obvious, taking away from the lament in the air… Nice playing, and I’d give my eye teeth to learn from this talent, to be influenced beyond and more directly than this lovely recording… 😉

~ except for that frufru on the side, track ‘4’. ~ Oops! 😛

FFlute on Track 15

Track 15 seemsto be played on an f flute should anyone want to pay along toit.

A favourite purchase and listen ~ and in part because ~

No accompaniment of any kind, just the flute ~
1: polkas, 2: reels, 4: air, 5: reels, 7: jigs, 8: reels, 9: air, 11: reels, 12: jigs, 13: reels

Bodhran - tasteful accompaniment by Colm Murphy, as is usual for Colm, often the second half/tune of a track ~
3: jigs, 6: polkas, 10: polkas, 14: marches, 15: reels