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Track 10 is misspelt. It should be ‘Garten’ or ‘Gartan’.

Isn’t it also worth pointing out that this album dates from 1977?


Also, why post a recording without putting any details about the players and the music they play ? The person who posted this presumably thought it worth his/her while to include this recording here in the website. All we have so far is a list of songs and tunes - not much use without any background. I knew "Alba" well, and could fill in a lot of information about them, but will do so only after "boisei0" ventures an opinion.
And the "Geese In The Bog" is the 4-part piper’s version.

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One of my favourite recordings of scottish music. I bought the vinyl some months ago on ebay.a friend of mine have it and every time I visited him,the first thing I did was looking for Alba album on his shelves.

I like almost every track on it,but first track worth the price of the album.

Alan Macleod (Highland bagpipes, bodhran), Tony Cuffe (guitar, lyre, whistle, vocals), Sean O’Rourke (vocals, bazouki, flute, whistle), Mike Ward (fiddle, mandolin, guitar, vocals)


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Would anyone be so incredibly kind as to do me a copy of this? Have been trying to replace my lost vinyl for yonks.


They were absolutely terrific when I saw them live.

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I finally oredered a copy (CD) vis Music Stack from here: RECORD HEAVEN MAILORDER" <>.

Phew. Bliss!

Track 5

Unless I’m much mistaken, Track 5 is a medley of 3 tunes - the air "Mermaid’s Song" - "John Murray of Lochee" and Donald McLeod’s "Pipe Major George Allan". I’ll add some to this later.

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Re: Alba

If you look at the photos at the bottom of the "Home Page", I’ve just posted a photo of Sean O’Rourke [ piccollo ] and Tony Cuffe [ whistle ], playing a few tunes together at the campsite at Durham Folk Festival, 1975, I think.
It may not be there for long before it gets shunted off, but……………. those were happy days.

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