Touch Me If You Dare

By Ronan Browne And Peader O’Loughlin

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Touch Me If You Dare

A superb follow-up to “The South West Wind”.

Typo in listed name of third tune, track 8

The third tune in Track 8 is “The Doonagore,” not “The Donagore.” If it were spelled correctly it would link to the music on this site (

Third tune - track 10

Track 10, 3rd tune can be found at
It would link if it were titled ‘Bimis Ag Ol’ or ‘Let us be drinking’

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Peadar O’Loughlin from Kilmaley, Co. Clare

Here’s an excellent documentary about the man:

It informs how he met and started to play with Ronan Browne, and you can watch them play a couple of sets recorded on this album.