The Blackberry Blossom - Celtic Jigs & Reels

By Various Artists

  1. Doherty’s
    Paddy Ryan’s Dream
  2. The Ashplant
    Sporting Paddy
  3. Father O’Flynn
    The Irish Washerwoman
    The Blackberry Blossom
  4. Dashing White Sergeant
    The Rose Tree
    Donald Dunn
  5. Gander In The Pratie Hole
    Sixpenny Money
    Maid At The Spinning Wheel
  6. Bennachie Sunrise
    Willie’s Trip To Toronto
    I Buried My Wife And Danced On Her Grave
    Out On The Ocean
  7. The Atholl Highlanders
  8. Wi’ A Hundred Pipers
    Athernie Lodge
  9. Desi Wilkinson’s
  10. The Blackthorn Stick
    The Kesh
  11. Drowsy Maggie
    The Man Of The House
  12. Nellie Donovan
    Jenny Tie Your Bonnet
    Jenny Picking Cockles
  13. The Banshee
    The Roscommon
  14. Cumberland
    Rosin The Bow
  15. De’il Among The Tailors
    Speed The Plough
  16. Swallow’s Tail
  17. The Ships Are Sailing
    The Morning Dew
  18. Trip We Took Over The Mountain

Three comments

Blackberry Blossom

I’ve had this CD for ages but the sleeve on my version gives no clue as to artists etc. After much digging around on internet, it appears the main artists are Peter Miln & Daniel James who are also in the group Firebrand.
Other artists are Glancastle Sound and Waxies Dargle

the 3rd reel on track 11 is “untitled” on the CD but I’m sure it’s “Man of the house”