The Fine Art Of Piping

By Liam O’Flynn

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Liam O’Flynn, The Fine Art of Piping

Despite Liam O’Flynn’s involvement in many contemporary musical pieces over the years, this album of his is as pure as it gets really. This is an authentic solo album [there are no other musicians on the CD] and the only accompaniment provided is by Liam’s own work on the drones and regulators.

His playing is very steady, relaxed and there are no gimmicks involved.

There is a great selection of tunes too. Solid reels coupled with some of the BIG piping jigs [Gold Ring, O’Sullivan’s March etc] and split between the few airs and hornpipes give the album a great variety.

Any fan of Liam’s natural piping should get their hands on this one.

Track information

Tk. 1I’m Waiting for You appears before The Sailor’s Cravat on the track listing of the CD but the set is actually the other way around, ending with I’m Waiting for You.

Tk. 2 Neary’s goes under the title Johnny McGreevy’s.

Tk. 4 is a set of hornpipes.

Tk. 6 Eddie Moloney’s is a reel in D, not which is linked up here. It was recorded by Frankie Gavin on Croch Suas E on the first track. It’s the last tune in that set, after Devanney’s Goat and Humours of Wesport.

Tk. 9 Paddy Taylor’s is linked up correctly, that’s the jig played.


I should also add that Liam plays both concert pitch and flat set pipes on this album.

It was released in 1991 on the Celtic Music label.

There are no sleeve notes other than a short, basic introduction to Liam by someone anonymous. Not really much to go on to be honest but the music is top class nonetheless.


Track 3 is related to

Spelling of ‘Loch na Gar’ should be one word I think - and it’s actually a mountain, not a loch! See comment in the link