Memories Of Ireland

By Matt Cunningham

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Memories of Ireland

I came across this tape in a charity shop a few days ago. I’m a big fan of Matt’s Dance Music series so just had to get this. The tunes are pretty much the same as they are on his Dance Music CDs but we get to hear him singing on this tape. He can certainly sing too! It’s very ceili band orientated, this CD but I like it.

Mentioned on the sleeve is that Matt plays a 120 year-old “Club model 2” accordion on tracks 3 and 9. He plays a 3 row box on tracks 4 and 10 and plays fiddle on track 11.

The other tracks of tunes, he also plays accordion but it does not state which type.

His sons Joseph and Eric join their Dad on track 6 on tin whistles. This track was recorded live on the “Taste of Galway” show. Joseph and Eric have more recently played on the later volumes in Matt’s Dance music series, Joseph playing banjo and Eric playing flute.