Magaid A Phipír

By Rory Campbell

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  1. Lachie And The Tractor
    Careau Llaniscu
    Cutting Down A Privet Hedge
    Donachd Head
    An Islay Melody
    Margaret McCall
  2. The Wee Man From Skye
    The Barlinnie Highlander
    Arthur Gillies
  3. Bannockburn Road
  4. Bat’ An Taillear
    Shepherd’s Crook
    Mirren’s Pyjamas
    Calum Fighader Agus Calum Taillear
    Mo Shuiridhach Bi Suigartach
    Gan Ainm
    Linlithgow Palace
  5. The Dreams Of Old Pa Fogerty
  6. Torre De Hercules
    Breton Andro
    Paul McIver
  7. Girvan Ceilidh
    I Hae A Wife O’ My Ain
    Tending The Cattle With A Heavy Heart
    Donald, Willie And His Dog
  8. Morag McNeil, Tangasdale
    Tha Dinan Brog, Donnachadh Dubh
    Magaid A Phipir
    Gan Ainm
    An Gun’s T-Apron
  9. Gur Milis Morag
  10. Barbara And Andy’s Wedding
    An ‘Nighan, Ponn Bheadarach
  11. Traigh A’ Ghoirtein
    Dolina McKay
  12. Tangasdale Beach

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2000 release from a talented young piper and tunesmith. Campbell plays Highland pipes, Scottish smallpipes and whistles. He was playing with Deaf Shepherd, but is now with Old Blind Dogs.

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