Harmonica Violon

By Jean Sabot

  1. Dinkie Dorrian & Sleepie Maggie
  2. Margaret’s
  3. Heuliad Gavotenn (Ton Kenta)
  4. Heuliad Gavotenn (Tamm Kreiz)
  5. Heuliad Gavotenn (Ton Diwezha)
  6. Lime Hill
    Jack Daniel’s
    Little Donal In The Pigpen
  7. Weasel & The Ermine
  8. Enez Eussa
  9. Unknown & The Greencastle
  10. Heuliad Plin (Ton Kenta)
  11. Heuliad Plin (Bal)
  12. Heuliad Plin (Ton Diwerzha)
  13. John Kimmel’s
    Joe Derrane’s
    The Flanagan Brothers’
  14. The Hawk
  15. Paul O’Shaughnessie’s
    The Costarmorican
    John Whelan’s

One comment

Harmonica - Violon

In 2001, a CD produced by Coop Breizh, ‘’Harmonica-Violon’’ with the fiddle player Laurent Dacquay.

We are backed by Nicolas Quémener- Guitar, Ronan Pellen -Cittern and Dominique Molard - Percussions.

It is an album of breton, irish and scottish music, with traditional tunes and compositions in that spirit.