Cut Up The Floor

By Jigsaw

Added by davydd .
  1. Home With The Girls In The Morning
    Devil In The Strawstack
    Speed The Plow
  2. Korolenko
  3. The Left-Handed Pint
    Farewell To Tchernobyl
  4. Winter’s
  5. Courtesan’s
    High Part Of The Road
    The Hills Of Sharon
  6. Brenda Stubbert’s
    Wissahickon Drive
    The Punters’ Graveyard
  7. Mr. And Mrs. MacLean Of Snaigow
  8. The Bluejay
    Kiss And Make Up
    The Atholl Highlanders
  9. Good For The Tongue
  10. Le Cotillion
    Les Gens De La Bastille
    Pete’s Breakdown
  11. Traditional
    Tune From Trondelag
  12. The Blind Man’s
    Reel Ti-Me
    Reel St.Antoine
  13. Soir Et Matin
  14. Juliann Johnson
    The Billy Church Memorial Breakdown

Two comments

Cut Up The Floor

This is the very first tunes album i ever owned.

The following is from the Glen Cottage Music Website:

1996 recording of Portland-based dance band featuring Dan on fiddle, box and guitar; Clyde Curley on mandolin, banjo & fiddle; George Penk on fiddle; and Heather Pinney on piano and fiddle. A big favorite of the contradance scene.

Re: Cut Up The Floor

I thought I would add a comment since the description and photograph are inaccurate.

As Davydd points out, Jigsaw was a dance band from Portland, Oregon in the 90’s. It consisted of Dan Compton, a popular multi-instrumentalist and a fine tunesmith (The Punter’s Graveyard is one of his), George Penk, a classically trained violinist who was lured to the dark side by the fiddling of Kevin Burke (Penk now plays with the popular Portland dance band "Joyride"), the lovely and talented Heather Pinney, and Clyde Curley, who is perhaps better known as a co-author of "The Portland Collection" books and now a novelist, having penned two Detective Toussaint mysteries (

I’m also very fond of this album. The Irish and Quebecois tunes are played cleanly without much ornamentation but with drive and energy. It’s great dance music.