The Limestone Rock

By Micho Russell

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"Micho Russell: The Limestone Rock"

GTD Heritage GTDHCD 104, 1993

Irish Tune Info:

From the recording, with minor updating:

Micho Russell, who hailed from Doolin, Co. Clare, was one of Ireland’s best loved traditional musicians and singers. He came from a musical family and grew up in an environment in which tune, song and story were held in high esteem. With his brothers Pakie and Gussie he helped to make Doolin (Fishguard Lane) an internationally known place, with visitors crowding to the area to hear their playing.

Micho himself performed on the Continent and in the States, always endearing himself to his audiences by the authenticity of his musicianship. On this recording are some of his favourite tunes as well as snatches of songs associated with them… ~ Brian O’Rourke

"Micho’s Dozen" ~ A Clare Library Resource

~ and bless them for it, & dear Tom too…

"Micho’s Dozen: Traditional Songs from the Repertoire of Micho Russell"

‘Micho’s Dozen’ was published by the Ennistymon Festival of Traditional Singing. The notes accompanying the songs were written by Tom Munnelly.

Roger Millington’s treasure trove

~ other online examples or Micho’s playing, and then some ~ MP3s and transcriptions, can be found here ~

These recordings can be pretty bad, lost to echo / reverb ~ but with reasonable ears and attention you can listen past that for the music.

Respect to Roger Millington for creating and maintaining this lovely online resource…

Micho Russell of Fishguard Lane, County Clare ~

"Micho Russell: Traditional Irish Music From County Clare"

"The Russell Family Of Doolin, County Clare"

"Micho Russell: The Man From Clare"

"Micho Russell: Ireland’s Whistling Ambassador"

"The Totally Traditional Tin Whistle"

Micho’s Limestone Rock

The GTD Heritage recordings are part of a foursome, all by micho Russell: The Man from Clare, The Limestone Rock, The Wind that shakes the Barley and Our own native land (not 100% sure of the last title but it’s something very much like that).

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Essential whistle music

I picked this up six years ago in Dublin. Micho really puts on a clinic here. (It’s pretty much all whistle, some of his records have a lot of song and flute too). His rhythmic drive, phrasing and ornamentation is clearly on display. Wanna learn something about playing the Irish whistle? Listen to this! His pairing of the "concertina" and "drowsy maggie" (played quote "in an old fashioned way" is a highlight. Props to ceolachan for posting this.

Thanks Kilfarboy, I know of the others but haven’t got them…not yet anyway…

Nice comment Chef Paul…

Irish Tune Info - update for "Micho Russell: The Limestone Rock"

Irish Tune Info:

Notes on this recording, it’s small/short fragments of Micho’s playing, valued, but stingy with the content. Also, at least nowadays, they are being burned to cheap CD media, which has a lower life expectancy than commercial burns. They could probably burn all four CDs to one, which wouldn’t be a bad idea. For more on Micho see the next link, recommended over these stingy and amateur GTD Heritage recordings.