The Donegal Fiddle

By Various Artists

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Featured fiddlers: Francie and Mickey Byrne (13 tracks); Jimmy Lyons (10 tracks); John Gallagher (6 tracks); Mickey Doherty (5 tracks); and John Doherty (3 tracks). James Josie McHugh, Paddy Gallagher, and Simon Doherty appear on one or two tracks each.
* Solo fiddle, 25 tracks; the other 12 tracks feature playing in pairs.
* The recording was done in 1949 and in 1957 but is nonetheless good (see below); it is drawn from the RT

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Re: The Donegal Fiddle

So… Where can this elusive little devil of an album be obtained if you’re not in Ireland? Or even if you are? Some of the RTÉ recordings have been released on iTunes and such… this does not appear to be one of those.