A Place I Know

By Siucra

  1. Sweet Thames Flow Softly
  2. I’m Thinking, Ever Thinking
  3. Down The Broom
    The Reel Of Rio
    The Trip To Herve’s
  4. The Elusive Waitress
  5. One Last Cold Kiss
  6. Muldoon, The Solid Man
  7. Apples In Winter
    The Dusty Windowsills
    Astor’s Box
  8. By The Hush
  9. Green Grow The Laurels
  10. The Small Girl
    Frog In Galway
  11. The Leaving Of Liverpool

One comment

Matt & Shannon Heaton and Beth Leachman’s first recording. Originally, they went into the studio to do a demo. Somehow, things just went so well that they just kept recording, and suddenly they had a CD.