Secret People

By Capercaillie

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  1. Bonaparte
  2. Grace And Pride
  3. Tobar Mhoire
  4. Four Stone Walls
  5. Crime Of Passion
  6. The Whinney Hills Of Leitrim
    John Angus MacNeil Of Barra
    Blue Bonnets
  7. An Eala Bhan
  8. Seice Ruairidh
    M’eudail Air Do Shùilean Donna
  9. Stinging Rain
  10. Hi Rim Bo
  11. The Miracle Of Being
  12. The Harley Ashtray
    The Raven On The Rock
    The St. Kilda Wedding
  13. Oran
  14. Black Fields

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Secret People

Karen Matheson - vocals
Charlie McKerron - fiddle
John Saich - bass, guitar, backing vocals, synthbass
Manus Lunny - bouzouki, guitar, backing vocals
Marc Duff - whistles, bodrhan, wind synthesiser
Donald Shaw - accordion, keyboards, backing vocals

James Mackintosh - drums and percussion
Iain Murray - drums
Donal Lunny - bodhran (The Harley Ashtray)

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