Roses And Tears

By Capercaillie

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  1. Him Bò Hug I Ò Tha Mi Ann Am Èiginn
  2. Turas An Ànraidh
    The Ortigueira
    Gheibh Sinn Ribinnean Mòra Mòra
  3. Don’t You Go
  4. Hardiman The Fiddler
    My Love’s Wedding
    The Aphrodisiac
  5. O Lioba Có Leathag
    Mo Ghùn Ùr Sioda
  6. Seinneam Cliù Nam Fear Ùr
  7. ’Si Nighean Mo Ghaoil, An Nighean Donn Òg
  8. The Quimper
    An Damez Kohz
  9. Soldier Boy
  10. Iain Mór Fada Gòbhlach
    A‘ Ràcann A Bh’ Againne
  11. The Reverend
    The Hare’s Paw
    Old New Year
    Rose Cottage
  12. Leodhasach An Tir Chein

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Roses and Tears

Capercaillie’s 2008 album Roses and Tears.
Karen Matheson - vocals
Manus Lunny - bouzouki, guitar, vocals
Ewan Vernal - bass, vocals
David Robertson - percussion
Donald Shaw - piano, rhodes, accordion
Charlie McKerron - fiddle
Michael McGoldrick - flute, whistles, pipes
Che Beresford - drums

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I like this better than the last few Capercaillie albums - more of a return to some earlier stuff - more songs in Irish. Great listening.

Whilst Capercaillie have been known to do the odd song in Irish in the past I think it is far more likely that Karen will be singing in Scottish Gaidhlig here.

I still need to get the album - but I am sure it will be great.

Aaaagh - I came back here the next day to correct myself, only to find somebody beat me to it.