Foolin’ In Doolin

By Michael ‘Blackie’ O’Connell And Karol Lynch

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  1. Gerdie Commane’s
    Rynne’s Breton
  2. Heather Breeze
    Poor Timmy
  3. May Morning Dew
  4. The Gold Ring
  5. Parnell’s
    Jockey At The Fair
  6. Molly Put The Kettle On
    Micho Russell’s
  7. Floods Of Holm
    The Miltown
    The Sporting Pitchfork
  8. Barr Na Cuille
    Eilis Brogan’s
    Ormond Sound
  9. Galician
    My Former Wife
    Patsy Geary’s
  10. John Maher’s
    The Knotted Chord
  11. Foolin’ In Doolin

Five comments

Release date? Label? Availability?

It would be great to share your enthusiasm, if you’d given any indication how the CD might be acquired!

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Guest musician

Padraig Rynne is playing on the first track, otherwise It’s only the two of them, Blackie on pipes, and Karol on Banjo, guitar, bouzouki and percussions!

You can also contact them at this adress :


Played with ‘Blackie et al (trio)at Fledah Nua ’06’ unbelievable talented lad!!!

Can’t wait to get me hands on this CD!!

marty g.