Patrick Kelly From Cree - Fiddle Music

By Patrick Kelly

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Patrick Kelly from Cree

Archive material recorded by one of Kelly’s sons. Released in 2004.

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Patrick Kelly from Cree ~

If anyone out there is ever in a generous mood, and might consider me in that glow ~ and has the old 1 hour MacMathuna cassette of 29 entries/tracks, including Patrick talking, priceless, and a couple of slides and set dances thrown into the mix, now no longer availabe and probably never ~ I would be most grateful for a copy. A cassette’ or CD would be just fine… (fingers crossed)

Patrick Kelly from Cree

The MacMathuna tape was never ‘available’ as such, it’s one of these tapes of excerpt from the archive Seamus let out to people he thought worthy and it only had material he thought beneficial if let out. His tapes are more often than not heavily edited and tracks stopped in the middle of tune sets. My copy has 34 tracks by the way.

Anyhow, a copy is on it’s way. As well as a copy of another Kelly ‘home recording’ and more.

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Still giving pleasure - go raibh ma’agat…

Lads, any chance I could coax one of you into sharing a copy of those MacMathuna recordings? Digital if possible, but will gladly take any format you have and gladly pay postage/shipping if it’s physical.


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Re: Patrick Kelly From Cree - Fiddle Music

Does anyone know where this recording can be found? Custy’s had it at one time.