Traditional Music Of Ireland

By Kathleen Collins

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Great fiddle album.

This album has a very traditional sound & is a must have for any lover of ITM. Kathleen has a nice lilt & the backup is superb. I like albums that feature one player with backup only, it really lets the players ability shine through.

The star of munster is played a whole step down in Gdor, I think this was the old setting when pipes were more commonly pitched at Bb, I’ve heard a couple of old recordings where this is done one of Ed Reavy & one of Hughie Gillespie. Nowadays it’s in Ador - end o’ story.

Learning from a recording

I really enjoy this recording. I have been asked to learn a tune from it, by listening and picking it up, and am finding this very difficult. The names and numbering of the tracks seems to be inaccurate, and I cannot find the name or number of the tunes on track 12, which sound like hornpipes. The only hornpipes on the recording are the New Century and Sean Ryan’s, and the music to both doesn’t match the tunes. I wonder if anyone can help, as the tune is great, it seems to be in D major and start with;AG;FsharpEFsharp A G FsharpD etc. I am a beginner and would welcome any advice thanksl

A nice album

I like this album very much. It is true that the track listing is inaccurate - the track numbering starts in the wrong place. Aside from that the fiddle playing is stellar and especially enjoyable because the album was made before the current craze of playing too fast. You can really hear the beauty of the music through phrasing!

B side First?

I know this was listed some time ago but I have just noticed that the listing of Tracks given here is different from the original L.P.Tracks 1-6 named here are the B side of the album and 7-13 the original A side.Perhaps this may help with the inaccurate track listing mentioned above.

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Correct track listing

This is a great album and it’s a shame the record company screwed up the track listing. However, the correct listing with alternative tune names can be found here:

Tune links for this album

Also, the Eddie Kelly’s that the details tab for this album
( links to is a jig, not the reel that Kathleen Collins plays. Can that be corrected?

Classic album..

.. available on iTunes.

Just heard this one, it’s a gem!

Re: Traditional Music Of Ireland

On my copy Sergeant Early-Paddy Fahey is listed twice - track 6 & 12. Track 6 is the correct one but on here it is listed as track 12 🙂. The Fahey’s is Reel No 1 per Holohan’s index so I updated the song link.

Re: Traditional Music Of Ireland

I’m not entirely sure but I was once told she won an All-Ireland Senior Fiddle Title and an All-Ireland Step Dancing Title in the same year. The album is a gem and as mentioned above the accompaniment is of the highest order.