Here Among Strangers

By Siucra

  1. The Strands Of Magilligan
  2. Charlie Harris’
    Three Steps Forward (Two Steps Back)
    The Torn Jacket
  3. Lovely Annie
  4. P Stands For Paddy
  5. The Piper’s Despair
    The Earl’s Chair
    Richard Dwyer’s
  6. Maeve’s Grave
  7. The Anniversary
  8. Only For Barney
    The Handsome Young Maidens
  9. Peggy-O
  10. Winter In Craughwell
  11. Pulling Hard Against The Stream
  12. The High
    Paddy Fahy’s
    The Cottage In The Grove
  13. The White Birds
  14. One Last Cold Kiss

Three comments

The second recording from Matt & Shannon Heaton and Beth Leachman. Includes a lovely live version of One Last Cold Kiss.

Paddy Fahy’s version on track 12 is not the one Shannon plays. Does anyone knows which one is?