For Love And Laughter

By Solas

  1. Eoin Bear’s
    Tune For Sharon
    The Rossa
  2. Seven Curses
  3. Tilly’s
    The Happy Traveler
  4. Mollai’ Na Gcuach Ni Chuilleanain
  5. Merry Go Round
  6. Sunday’s
    Solo Double Oh
  7. Vital Mental Medicine
    The Pullet
  8. Sailor Song
  9. There Is A Time
  10. John Riordan’s Heels
    Hoban’s White House
    The Lisnagun
  11. The Gallant Hussar
  12. My Dream Of You

One comment

Mairead Phelan’s debut recording with Solas.

Over the years I have found my self pretty much skipping over the songs and mainly listening to the tunes when it comes to my Solas. I can’t say for sure if it’s been the singers or the material but I don’t skip any of the songs on For Love and Laughter.

With all due respect to the wonderfully talented ladies who preceded her, I think Mairead’s interpretation of the material has a lot to do with it. There is subtlety, detail and barely any discernable sentimentality, which considering the delicate tonal quality of her voice is almost contradictory. Light and airy and yet soulful at the same time.