The Mad Buckgoat: Ancient Music Of Ireland

By Baltimore Consort

  1. The Mad Buckgoat
  2. Willie Winkie
  3. Truagh (An Triucha)
  4. The Beggar
  5. Bugga Fee Hoosa (Bogadh Faoi Shusa)
  6. Girls, Have You Seen George? (A Chailini, A’ BhFaca Sibh Seoirse?)
  7. Toss The Feathers
  8. The Fairy Dance
  9. The Pretty Maid Milking Her Cow (Cailin Deas Cruite Na MBo)
  10. The Fiddler’s Contempt
  11. The Kerry Star
  12. The Goroum
  13. Wild Geese (Gye Fiane)
  14. Yonder, Westwards, Is The Road She Went (Sud E Siar An Rod A D’Imthigh Si)
  15. The Old Woman’s
  16. Your Old Wig Is The Love Of My Heart (Gradh Mo Chroidhe Do Shean Wig)
  17. Dwyer’s
  18. Catty Magee (Caiti Na GCauch)
  19. Kitty Magee
  20. Billy From Bruff
  21. The Pigot

Three comments

Poc Air Buille

Utilizing recreations of period instruments, this recording pulls from sources as diverse as the J.E. Pigot Collection, c.1840-50, J. & W. Neal’s ‘Celebrated Irish Tunes’ of 1724, the William Forde Collection, c.1840-50, Edward Bunting’s ‘Ancient Irish Music’ of 1796, Stanford/Petrie’s ‘Irish Music’ of 1902, P.W. Joyce’s ‘Old Irish Folk Music’ of 1909, Colm O’Lochlainn’s ‘Irish Street Ballads’ of 1939 and P. Carew’s manuscript from sometime during the 19th century. Track 3, ‘Truagh’, and 6, ‘Girls, Have You Seen George?’ are personal favorites.

How to link a set of dots to a track?

I just figured out Baltimore Consort plays this in Ddor….which is available on the site..

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Surely the problem is that the bilingual titles prevent matching the monolingual titles in the tune database. Jeremy should probably weigh in, but my suggestion would be to search for each tune on the album. For those you find, add the Irish title as an alternate title for the tune, and then edit the track listing of this recording by deleting the parenthetical Irish title. I’d leave unchanged any tunes you can’t find so that both titles are available if and when the tune gets added.